New on our Clarens square … check it out here!


 “The best little catering cart in Clarens … beats self catering in Clarens by absolute mielie miles!”

 Clarens - Accommodation in Clarens food cart image

Clarens Accommodation in Clarens food cart image

Innovation is the name of the game …

… and when it comes to innovation there aren’t many more innovative than Clarens’ very own Johan Lehman.

So keep your eyes peeled around the Clarens square …. here comes Johan’s food cart!

Clarens - Accommodation in Clarens food cart image 02

Did I say Johans food cart? … Shheesh … this is no food cart … food cart ? … No … not food cart. Food cart is insult of note … it’s clearly what it says it is … Catering Cart!  … Food cart is common … catering cart is cut above! And this is definitely cut above. And did this ‘cut above’ cart ever cater to Petebon’s tingling tastebuds on a freezing cold Clarens Saturday morning just gone or what?. “chilli beans” takes on new meaning!

The lady said … “Have the famous Chilli Beans & Bagguette … made by Johan himself”. So I had the famous Chilli Beans & Bagguette … made by Johan himself. Good call! … and I’m thinking … I’ll most likely be having Johans Famous Chilli Beans & Baguette for lunch every Saturday from now on. The short hop from Bonney studio and Bonney Clarens Studio Lodge in Roos street … across the road … up the stairs … through Bruce”s building … past the Clarens brewery … over the square and to the trailer is very definitely ever so worth the effort, for Bonney artist as well as for Bonney Clarens studio Lodge guests. Well done Johan … you’ve just bagged a brand new confirmed customer … will definitely be back!!

Clarens - Accommodation in Clarens food cart image

” chilli beef and baguette please … ” “… eurm … would that be for one or for two? …”

Ps … Hey Anel … Bring on the bandstand!


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  1. Johann Lehman says

    Thanks Peter! Appreciate the vote of confidence & I hope we can keep up the standards. Anel says she is working on the bandstand – let’s hope we can get some of that old Clarens atmosphere going again around our square!

    • petebon says

      Its really great innovation … probably going with the beef and chicken shwarma next.
      PS Fixed the spelling typo!

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