Mount Horeb In Clarens Erupts?

Winter In Clarens Exits In a Blaze Of Glory

Clarens Accommodation Mount Horeb fire image 02Woke up on Sunday morning a few weeks back to this … could it be? …

Our very own mount Horeb erupting right before our very eyes!

Nope … No eruption. Just the mother of all fires headed towards Clarens from Golden Gate direction.

We thought we had escaped with a ‘veld fire-less season’ in 2014 but sadly not quite. In the closing days of winter it came from over the back of mount Horeb … Golden Gate side of Clarens and gee whizz … did Mount Horeb ever do her best ‘Mount Vesuvius impersonation’. From some vantage points it really did look for all the world as though mount Horeb was erupting. Well she didn’t erupt but she did burn … and despite the best efforts of Clarens Conservancy Fire fighters, working on fires, Dihlabeng fire department and the SANDF she still pretty much burnt to the ground. Having said that though things could have been a whole lot worse around Clarens were it not for the stalwart efforts of all these dedicated professionals.

Herewith some pics of the SANDF at work in Clarens.

Clarens accommodation Mount Horeb Fire image 01

Clarens Accommodation Mount Horeb Fire ImageClarens accommodation Mount Horeb fire imageClarens accommodation Mount Horeb Fire image

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