Clarens Event – Cluny Animal Trust Annual Polar Plunge 2014

Wannabe polar bears spotted in Clarens courtesy of local vet Katherine Barker. Are They Mad Or Can’t They Help it?

Clarens Accommodation event image Clarens Polar PlungeLook at that Sun … pretty wishy washy and whussy if you ask me. Not much winter warmth there. And the trees … dead! … as in mid winter dead!! This is Clarens June 28th mid winter 2014. And believe you me … Clarens on any mid winter June day is cold  … very cold … especially in water without wetsuit.

And as for this water? Looks pretty benign doesn’t it? But don’t be deceived … eleven celcius on the day and not a degree higher.

“Eleven celcius”? I hear you say … “but that’s not so bad.”

Uh uh I say … eleven celcius measured, yep … but realistically … real feel’   two! Ask any one of the polar bears. They would know … they took the plunge and swam it. One was heard to say after the fact and somewhat ironically. “… well actually, I dont feel too bad but I think my heart’s racing a tad …!”

And here they are then … Crazy Clarens and Fouriesburg polar bears pluck up the courage and prep to take the plunge in icy Eastern Freestate waters …

Clarens event Accommodation Clarens image Clarens Polar prep to take the Plunge

… and take the plunge they did … the stuff ice-cream headaches are made of!!

clarens event polar plunge image-Clarens Accommodation

Clarens Accommodation event Clarens Polar Plunge image 05 Clarens Accommodation. Clarens event Polar Plunge image 06

So what then makes a bunch of madcap human beings make like polar bears and take a dip in freezing cold mid winter Clarens water?

That would be our very own vet Katherine Barker and Cluny Animal Trust of course … great cause and great motivation.

Clarens Accommodation event Clarens Cluny trust Polar Plunge image 13


Clarens event Clarens cluny trust Polar Plunge image 09So these crazy people aren’t so crazy after all it seems. This annual polar bear plunge into the freezing winter waters of  the Arpo dam in far away Fouriesburg doesn’t have to do with crazy people doing crazy stuff for no apparent reason. It actually has to do with caring people doing courageous stuff for the Cluny trust.

And you can too … and it doesn’t necessarily have to entail doing something daft like diving into eleven degree water. The Cluny trust has to do with helping people in need meet the needs of their animals in need Visit Cluny Animal Trust here to find out more.


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