Clarens – Cluny Trust Potjie comp on Clarens square


Lots of good potjies …Lots of good fun and really great cause … Cluny Animal Trust

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The last cluny trust fund raiser was the polar plunge earlier this year … mid winter in fact! A bunch of madcap people diving into and swimming the Arpa dam near Clarens in all but sub zero water, all in the interests of superb cause … Cluny Animal Trust

Remember this? … in eleven degree h2o!!Clarens Accommodation event Clarens Polar Plunge image 05







Well guess what … Potjie on the Clarens square makes a lot more sense. Nice warm sun … pot of pork belly brewing on the fire and a glass of the good ol’ red stuff in hand … once again all in the interests of superb cause … Cluny Animal Trust.

Clarens Accommodation event Clarens square Cluny day pic 02

… Well … not quite on the square. In fact just a tad off the square … over the road on the lawn around Annel’s shop and the Old Stone Bottle Store in fact. Lots of hungry people turned up and a bunch of very talented and enthusiastic potjie chefs to tease the taste buds of all and sundry.


Clarens Accommodation event image Clarens Cluny Day

Clarens Accommodation event image Clarens Cluny trustAnd this is Katy … and Katy’s amazing lamb potjie. Who would’ve thought? Katy Mackay from grey and gloomy far away London (or somewhere near grey and gloomy London?) cooking lamb potjie over open fire in sunny South Africa.

“By the way Katy … your lamb was great … but I had to be true to myself and must be honest … I gave yours second place. Reality is I’m lamb addict from the feet up but … eurm … dont know if I should own up to this … Eurmmmm … dare I own up? yeah OK … I gave first place to the goat! … who would’ve thought? Not because your lamb was bad … but the goat was spectacular.

Clarens Accommodation event image Hannah in Clarens.

Clarens Accommodation. yolanda in Clarens
And then of course … another two ladies from far away London … that would be Hannah and Yolanda. And guess what … couldn’t get enough! …


Clarens Accommodation event image Clarens cluny trust image Cherie

Potjie of course wouldn’t be potjie without some  good  wine to wash it down with ..… and wine tasting was courtesy of  and arranged by Sherry and Old Stone Bottlestore  …





… and very much enjoyed by, among many others, our very own Alan Goodson

Clarens Accommodation event Clarens square cluny fundraiser

Good time was had by all but most importantly … good money raised for Cluny Animal Trust.


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